Board of BCWT
is composed of a Chairman and six members and deputies. The Chairman is appointed by the Representatives on the annual meeting and the Board internally appoints its Deputy Chairman. Of the Board´s six members, two are nominated by the Swedish Writers´ Union, two by the County Administrative Board of Gotland, of whom one represents the Gotland University College, one by the Region Gotland. The Baltic Writers Council (BWC) elects two members representing the foreign Writers and Translators Unions for a two years´ period MEMBERS OF THE BOARD

Chairman: Olle Jansson, Uppsala University - Campus Gotland

Janina Orlov, Swedish Writers' Union /Deputy: Cecilia Hansson

Stefan Ingvarsson, Swedish Writers' Union / Deputy: Viveka Sjögren

Ulf Hammarlund, Region Gotland / Deputy: Oscar Lindster

Thomas N Persson, County Administrative Board of Gotland

Marius Burokas / Baltic Writers' Council, The Lithuanian Writers Union
Deputy: Anna Klingofer-Szostakowska / Baltic Writers' Council, Polish Literary Translators Association

Ville Hytönen / Baltic Writers' Council, Union of Finnish Writers
Deputy: Mudite Treimane / Baltic Writers' Council, Latvian Writers´Union
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