Young Baltic - Balkan writers

A book and a CD named "Taste of paper" The book contents short texts in English by 15 young writers from the Baltic Countries, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. On the CD ROM there are short cuts from the poetry festival 2001 where the writers are filmed reading in their own languages.

The book and the CD were edited by Tomas Butkus, Lithuania, Pablo Henrik Llambias, Denmark and Olli Heikkonen Finland - all participants of the Culture 2000 project Literary Access.

The CD was produced by Iwona Hryncenko, Torbjörn Jonasson and the IT company Nomadia - with support from the EU structural fund Objective 2 Islands.

Thanks to support by the EU-programme Culture 2000 the first 400 copies can be sent out free of charge.

Olli Heikkonen
was born in 1965 in Kontiolahti in eastern part of Finland. His first collection of poems entitled Jakutian aurinko (The sun of Yakutia) won the Helsingin Sanomat Literary Prize for the best first novel of 2000. Heikkonens poems are also published in some anthologies and literature magazines. He has also written some articles and essays.

Catharina Gripenberg
born in 1977 in Jakobstad, Finland. She studies literature in Helsinki and film in Denmark. Gripenbergs first collection of poems På diabilden är huvudet proppfullt av lycka was published in 1999. She also wrote a play En finner en ö, that was staged at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki in autumn 2000.

Pablo Henrik Llambias
born in 1964 in Svenstrup, near Aalborg, in Danmark. His first collection of stories Hun har en altan in 1996 followed by four books. His stories and essays were published in various magazines. His novel Indkapslet is coming out later this year.

Tomas S Butkus
born in Klaipeda, Lithuania. He studied architecture at the
Vilnius Gedimino Technical University and has worked as a publisher and editor. Together with his sister and friends he published poetry.

Hanne Örstavik
born in1969 in Finnmark, Norway, there she also grew up. Nowadays she lives on Nesodden. She published five novels, two latest are in Swedish translation as well.

Panayotis Stathoyannis
born in Nauplio, Greece in 1960, has written scenarios for many documentaries of the Greek Television. Panos Stathoyannis lives and works in Athens. He is author of two poetical works: The season of the fox(poems) and The mauve color enchants the snails(poetical story). His prose work comprises two novels. Poems and prose of Panos Sthatoyanis were translated into many languages

Stina Inga
born in 1974 in Kiruna and grew up in a traditional reindeer herdsman family. She writes mostly in Saami but also tests writing in Swedish, partially for more readers to make acquaintance with her lyric. By the side of her writing, Kristina Inga works as a nurse in Kiruna.

Inga Abele
born in 1972 in Riga, Latvia. After her debut book in 1998 Akas maja she has published a collection of poetry and a novel.

Karlis Verdins
born in 1979 in Latvia. He has translated English poetry and published his first collection of poems The Icebreaker in spring 2001.

born in 1964 in Selfoss, Iceland, and grew up in Reykjavik. She published a collection of poetry Lastafans og lausar skrufur (1995) and thereafter two novels.

Neshe Yashin
born in 1959, on Cyprus. She writes her poetry in Turkish but is well-known also on the Greek-Cypriotic part of the island, there she also lives.

Iana Bukova
was born in 1968 in Sofia. Her first collection of poems was published in Sofia in 1995 under the title The Palaces of Diocletianus. In year 2000, she published her second book of poetry Boat In the Eye.Translations from Greek poets by Iana Bukova and also poems of hers have been published in several literary periodicals in Bulgaria.

Dostena Lavergne
was born i Sofia, Bulgaria, but lives in Strasbourg. Her first collection of poetry Sam i San, was published in 1998 and a trilingual collection in Bulgarian, French and Romanian in 2000. She is the manager of the Culture 2000 project Literary Access, founded in Rhodos.


Culture 2000 project: LITERARY ACCESS/ Young Baltic-Balcan Writers

To make a special, experimental venture the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators in Visby, in co-operation with the International Writers´ and Translators´ centre on Rhodes, reserved August 2001 for young poets and writers from Nordic and Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, all together thirteen persons.

DIGITAL POETRY: seminar and workshop

The seminar/workshop "Digital poetry" (22-23 August) was arranged in co-operation with the University College on Gotland/Gotland Art and Media Education, the IT-company Nomadia. The seminar/workshop was also open for new students from the courses "Writing for film", "Animation and Experimental film" and "Interactive Media".

The purpose of the seminar was to study how digital tools can be used to create - and spread - poetry. Another ambition was to present some of the completed material on the web and even to make this a part of the poetry festival´s program.

The seminar was divided into two parts; "input" and "output" respectively. Day 1 (input) was held in the college with guest speakers (Michael Valeur, Copenhagen, scriptwriter and producer of interactive media, Tony McVeigh, poet and film maker, as well as Mart Marend, Books-on-Demand), while day 2 (output) was held at the IT-company Nomadia.

Every participant suggested a text, at a maximum of ten words, written in their own language or a picture based on the theme STRAND-STRANDS, which served as a starting point for the labs´ group training, where they experimented with different virtual forms of expression. During the day and - in some cases even the night - several tastes of cyber poetry were produced within the various groups.


The eighth international poetry festival "For winds and waves - International Poetry Journey on Gotland", was held on different places around the island 24-26 August. One of the presentations was the young writers own performance inspired by the workshop Digital poetry. Readings took place in the Björkander warehouse in Visby harbour.


In November 2001 three young writers came back in purpose to work over, put together and edit texts, film- and sound-recordings.
The editorial group consists of Tomas Butkus, Lithuania, Pablo Henrik Llambias, Denmark, and Olli Heikkonen, Finland.

A book and a CD named Taste of paper was published and distributed via this web in September 2002.The book and the CD were edited by Tomas Butkus, Lithuania, Pablo Henrik Llambias, Denmark and Olli Heikkonen Finland - all participants of the project Literary Access.

The CD was produced by Iwona Hryncenko, Torbjorn Jonasson and the IT company Nomadia - with support from the EU structural fund Objective 2 Islands.

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