Annual report 2006 (draft)

Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators
Uddens gränd 3, S-621 56 Visby
Registration number 834001-6776

Annual Report

was created in 1993, as a meeting point and workplace for writers and translators from the entire Baltic sea region; a tangible result of the 1992 Writers' and Translators' Cruise, "Baltic Waves". Spring 1996 the Centre was adopted under the auspices of UNESCO with the right to use UNESCO's logo


BCWT aims to:

- stimulate the literary and cultural exchange between the countries around the Baltic sea, serve as a workplace and meeting point for writers and translators from the region

- actively work to promote the Centre as a site for cooperative projects, such as seminars, encounters and conferences compatible with the guidelines for BCWT

- support the creation of a reference library compatible with the guidelines for BCWT, as well as an information data base on the literatures of the region

- act as a promoter of formation and a source of inspiration in the cultural field in the Baltic sea region

- constantly seek new forms and partners for collaboration between writers and translators in the region, strengthen the cultural contacts giving priority the east-west aspect

- contribute to increase knowledge and exchanges between literatures and writers from the countries in the region


of the non-profit organization BCWT are the Swedish Writers' Union, the County Administration and Municipality of Gotland. The members appoint five members each to the Board of Representatives and nominate the Swedish members of the Board of the Centre.


Gotland County administration (3), Gotland Minucipality (3), Swedish Writers’ Union (3)
Assembly of Representatives was held on 28 April.

Board of the BCWT

is composed of a Chairman and six members and deputies. The Chairman is appointed by the Representatives on the annual meeting and the Board internally appoints its Deputy Chairman. Of the Board's six members, two are nominated by the Swedish Writers' Union, two by the County Administration of Gotland, of whom one represents the Gotland University College, one the Municipality of Gotland. The Baltic Writers Council elects two members representing the foreign Writers’ and Translators Unions for a two years' period

Memners of the Board

Lars Magnus Lahne, chairman/Gotland University College. Deputy: Anders Granat, Gotland County Administration
Sonia Landin, Gotland Minucipality. Deputy: Inger Harlevi
Peranders Sandström, Gotland County Administration
Peter Curman, Swedish Writers’ Union. Deputy: Ingela Bendt
Anders Bodegård, Swedish Writers’ Union. Deputy: Karl Lindqvist
Klaus-Jürgen Liedtke, Germany, Baltic Writers´ Council. Deputy: Nalle Valtiala, Finland
Kornelijus Platelis, Lithuania, Baltic Writers’ Council. Deputy: Mudite Treimane, Latvia

Meetings of the Board

During the year 2006 the Board had four meetings:
24 February, 28 May, 20 September, 28 November

Baltic Writers’ Council - BWC

BWC is an independent organization which aims to support and inspire the Baltic Centre’s’s activities, as well as to be a forum for discussion of matters of common interest, to stimulate activities in the cultural field and facilitate cooperation between the writers/translators in the Baltic Sea region. The Centre is the basis of BWC, which nominates two members to the Board (Klaus-Jürgen Liedtke, Germany, and Kornelijus Platelis, Lithuanian Writers’ Union)

BWC had its annual Assembly in Visby 24-26 February.

has been open every week-day 8.30a. m. – 430 p.m.

Lena Pasternak, director
Yvonne Pettersson, managing assistant
Patrik Muskos, assistant, May-December

Eva Segerdahl Redovisning service, Book-keeping
Gustav Söderdahl Redovisnings service, Accounter
Tore Karlström, Auditor
Bertil Ohlsson, care-taker, ca 2 hours per week
Computer support: IT-Strategen.
Cleaning was purchased from the private firm Städservice - 6 hrs/week with extra hours when needed.

BCWT as a working place and meeting point

- BCWT is a working place for writers and translators from the Baltic Sea region, and if there is vacancy, from other countries. During 2006 the BCWT had 3306 guest nights and 172 literary professionals from 25 countries. Writers and translators stayed in average 3-5 weeks. Writers and translators had a residence bursary that means that they stayed at the Centre, free of charge, with a literary project of their own. Thanks to the specific funding from the EU programme Culture 2000 and the Swedish institute 40 writers and translators from 15 European countries could be granted a bursary meant to cover their travel and /or living expenses. Among 182 writers, translators, cultural administrators, publishers there are those who stayed in connection with a shorter project or a meeting. Besides the BCWT served as premises for Readings, Open Houses, Meetings, Receptions. The house was well-occupied and sometimes full to the edge.

Statistics (preliminary)
Division countries/amount of guests 2006
172 literary professionals/guests from 25 countries

Belarus 2
China 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 1
Check Rep. 1
Denmark 4
Egypt 1
England 2
Estonia 18
Finland 11
France 1
Germany 5
Greece 2
Iceland 6
Italy 2
Latvia 3
Lithuania 11
Norway 11
Poland 7
Rumania 2
Russia 8
Slovenia 1
Sweden 68
Ukraine 2


We have held 12 literary dinners in the course of the year, where all the guests gather informally to talk about their work and read from already published texts or from work-in-progress. On several occasions artists and composers from our two ‘sister organisations’, the Baltic Art Centre, BAC and Visby International Centre for Composers, VICC, have been invited. They have talked about their work ideas and also treated us to some samples of their compositions.

Public events

· 18 January. Young European voices: Sölvi Björn Sigurdsson (Iceland), Nicola Lecca (Italy), Oystein Vidnes (Norway), Alper Maral (Turkey)
· 10 March. Book object at Gallery Tapeten: vernisage and reading by Tomas S Butkus (Lithuania)
· 5 April. Spring literary programme. Tua Forsström och Sirkka Turkka (Finland), Dariusz Suska (Poland), Tarmo Teder (Estonia)
· 29 June. Open House and Literary Programme. Jim Potts (Great Britain), Eva Runefelt (Sweden), Risto Oikarinen (Finland) (poet and jazz-sax)
· 2-7 July. Participation in the Baltic Sea Square – Global Oasis, a fair with focus on human rights, initiated by Red Cross, Visby. 2 and 5 July - Programme by BCWT on the stage. Cooperation with Palme-centre and Reporters-Beyond-Borders.
· July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. Public programme Word in Tune in the S:ta Maria Cathedral. Participating writers and translators Maarja Talgre, Thomas von Vegesack, Ingela Bendt, Ylva Eggehorn (Sweden), Thorunn Vardemarsdottir (Iceland)

· Sept. 4-10. Literary Composition, Poetry & Prose - a course in the art of authorship at the University of Gothenburg. Reunion and public program at Almedal Library.

· 27 November. A Door is Open – Literary Programme at the BCWT with Marit Tusvik, Norway, Indrek Mesikepp, Estonia, Esther Kinsky, Germany/Hungary, Arturas Valionis, Lithuania
· Public programme at Almedal Library in cooperation with Edith Södergran-society and Sonja Åkesson-society

International Poetry Festival

25 August – 8 September the BCWT carried out the 13th International Poetry Festival in at Stockholm International Library

Drawing: Ludmila Petrushevskaya

Arranged by: Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators,Visby.
In cooperation with: Almedal Library in Visby,

Baltic Art Center, County Historical Museum
Sponsors: Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Council of Ministers

Crossover genres, width and diversity in artistic expression was a signature of the festival. The Gotlandic public was invited to music, theatre performance, animated film, readings of prose and poetry, talks and lecture as well literary and music improvisations.
Deltagare: Ludmila Petrushevskaya. Russia. Oksana Zabuzhko, Ukraine. Jan Kaus Estonia, Julius Keleras och Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuania. Risto Oikarinen, Finland. Alexander Piatigorsky,Ryssland/England. Magnus Hedlund, Ylva Eggehorn, Kajsa Lindsten Öberg, Emeli Jeremias, Lena Dahlén och Kalli Klement, Sweden.
As a part of the festival a literary programme at Almedal Library was arranged by BCWT to celebrate the library’s 5 years anniversary. Participated Sara Villius, Pauline Wolff, Anna Sarelin, Malin Backström, Mirja Unge, Öystein Menzoni, Ulrika Nielsen, Pär Hansson och Niklas Söderberg.

Readings, dinners and outings with the centre’s guests were arranged at regular intervals.

· Estonian-Swedish Translators Seminar and Workshop. 15 participants. In cooperation with Estonian Literature Information Centre, Nordic Council of Ministers, Swedish Embassy in Estonia. Funded by Estonian Cultural Fund, SIDA Baltic Sea Unit.
· Literary Composition, Poetry & Prose – Reunion, seminar and public programme. Graduates of Creative Writing Course (Litterärgestaltning ) at Gothenburg University. Sept. 4-10.
· International translators’ seminar and workshop with focus on the texts by Johannes Bobrowski in cooperation with Goethe Institute. 11 participants
· Library Association from Lithuania. Study and exchange visit

Book Fairs
23 – 26 September: Gothenburg Book Fair. Visit.
7 –10 Oktober: Frankfurt Book Fair. A specially designed photoe (1x2 m) of the BCWT was exhibited at the International Translators’ Square
28 October-2 November: Book Fair in Istanbul. Visit

Meetings, travels, networking, conferences

RECIT (Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Trsaducteurs littéraires)
2 meetings. 3-5 March at British Centre for Literature Translation, Norwich, 17-19 November at Seneffe.
Among the subjects discussed were matters of urgent mutual interest, EU Culture 2000 support, future strategies for the network in regard to collaboration between members and in an EU context, the promotion of the network, and sundry economical and practical questions. Representatives from literary centres in England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Greece participated
Turku. 8-9 June. Participation in Littera Baltica
Ventspils, 30 June-1 July. Inauguration of a writers’ and translators’ house, founded and constructed with BCWT as a model
Oslo, 28-29 August, Restructure of Nordic cultural cooperation, workshop
Visby. Strategic Studies. Gotland-Stockholm-Kalningrad. Bridging culture across the Baltic Sea. Lecture
Helsinki, Island and Bridges, a conference arranged by EFAH in cooperation European Cultural Fund
Istanbul, participation in the Book Fair, meetings with writers and publishers

BCWT’s Library

BCWT’s continues to build up a children books collection with focus on picture books from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. The collection shall forst of all show the contemporary picture books as well as contain research literature in the topic.
BCWT’s library with its focus on reference literature, fiction and poetry from the Baltic Sea Region is unique in Sweden and the collection has been constantly updated.

EU- project 2006

A significant part of the administrative work as earlier was accounting, reporting routines in connection to the processing of the EU grant.

Funding is aimed at bursaries for writers and translators as well as for some activities and public events.
Poetry travels and meetings within networks’ cooperation. The EU grant is elaborated in cooperation with together with
EKEMEL (Translators’ School in Athens) and Thyrone Guthrie Centre i Anaghmakerrig in Ireland, has been
applied for funding of bursaries and of activities supporting and promoting European cultural exchange.
Centre for Literary Translation, the Irish Association for Literary Translators samt Thyrone Guthrie Centre i Anaghmakerrig, Ireland together with BCWT are all organisations are members in the network RECIT, European Network for International Translators Centres.
The network consists of 11 European translators (writers’) centres.

The overall project consisted of several subprojects all of them aiming at promotion of diversity of literatures and translations as well support for writers and translators. Multilateral international cultural activity as well as mobility and residence were main target marks for the project

1. Mobility and translation/writing-in-residence
2. International Poetry Festival
3. Other public programmes
4. Translation workshop
5. Network development: meetings, travels, book fairs
6. Library Development

All the writers and translators stay at the Centre free of charge which means that the Centre bears the costs for rent – the two houses at the Centre’s disposal are rented from the Gotland Municipality – electricity, cleaning, heating, maintains.
Part of the residents received a bursary for travel and/or living mainly with the help of the European funding through the programme Culture 2000.
Some of the bursary-holders besides working with their own projects participated in the public events (readings, seminars) organized by the BCWT.

The Centre received many visitors – students from the University and schools on Gotlands, cultural workers, musicians, artists, politicians, civil servants, ambassadors and others.

Writers visit schools
Nicola Lecca, writer from Italy och Anna Topczewska, translator from Poland told pupils at Gotland secondary school about their work and respective country


Swedish Arts Council
Gotland Municipality

The projects and bursaries were sponsored by:
EU Programme Culture 2000
SIDA Baltic Sea Unit
Swedish Arts Council
Swedish Institute
Nordic Council of Ministers
Estonian Cultural Fund
German Translators’ Fund

Networks and partners

County administration on Gotland
Gotland Municipality
Cultural department Gotland Municipality
Swedish Institute
Almedal Library
Baltic Art Center, BAC
Visby International Centre for Composers
Swedish Ministry of Culture
Klintehamn Library
Gotland Historical Museum
Gotland Art Museu,
Lithuanian Embassy
Latvian Embassy
Polish Embassy
Polish Institute in Stockholm
Swedish Writers’ Union
Norgwegian Writers’ Union
Icelandic Writers’ Union
Baltic Writers’ Council
Gotland University
Film on Gotland
County Library on Gotland
Visby Composers School
Swedish National Heritage Board
Swedish institute
Book an Library Book Fair, Gothenburg
SIDA Baltic Sea Unit
Nordic Council of Ministers
Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals – KLYS
Lithuanian Writers’ Union
Swedish Academy
European Commission
School of animation Visby
Art School Visby
RECIT (Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Traducteurs littéraires)
Europäisches Übersetzer Kollegium
Collège Européen des Traducteurs Littéraires (Seneffe)
Casa del Traductor
Collège International des Traducteurs Littéraire
The British Centre for Literary Translation
Magyar Fordítóház Alapítvány
Tyrone Guthrie Centre (à Annaghmakerrig)
Civilta dei Territori Letterari (Torino)
Vertalershuis / Translators’ house
Literárne informacné centrum
National Book Centre in Greece
Regional Development Unit – Gotland Municipality
Johan Öberg
Icelandic Writers’ Union
Cathedral S:ta Maria in Visby
Frankfurt Book Fair
Gotlands Tidningar
Swedish Television Östnytt
Swedish Radio
Litterarische Colloquium i Berlin
PA-kompaniet, sound, light and production

The Board thanks

The activity of the BCWT is dependant on good contacts with institutions, organisations and private persons in many countries. During 2006 we were supported by and cooperated with many old and new partners, both on and outside Gotland. Thank you to all!

Visby, February 2007

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