About BCWT
Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators is centrally situated within the walls of the medieval town Visby on the island of Gotland. The island is now a part of Sweden, almost in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and has since times immemorial strong ties with Russia and the Baltic nations.
BCWT was established in 1993 as a direct result of the writers´ cruise around the Baltic sea.
The Centre is since 1996 under the auspices of UNESCO; it is also a part of the international network of European translators´ centres. Supporting organization (since 1994) of the BCWT is Baltic Writers´
BCWT is a non-profit organization. Members of the BCWT are the Swedish Writers´ Union, the County Administration of Gotland and the Municipality of Gotland.
According to the Statutes the BCWT shall stimulate literary and cultural contacts between the countries in the Baltic Sea region, provide a working and meeting place for literary professionals and continuosly organize seminars and other projects.

The centre is financed mainly by the Swedish Arts Council and the Gotland Municipality.

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