Poems by ١runn Valdimarsdˇttir


old churchyard

inside the gate there┤s a map:
"the red dot is where you are"

so this is what I am, on the map
a red dot - photosensitive
walking along this chessboard
unsaid vaults underground
maggot eaten dots beneath the names

branches of trees whole hosts
of the dead
nerve branches touching me
fish-tail of Fate done it┤s flapping
offices gone and the smile
of a twelve year old

passing through this mapped yard
heart dancing on the map
flying dot on a screen
almost swollowed by decay
seeing an exit of relief
and another map:
red dot still where I am

beating red dot
rhytmic flamingo
on through the gate
off the map
into the living storm
red polka dot gown
about to do some living

Maria┤s Annunciation
25th of March

king of pain came flesh
day of Annunciation
nine months before Christmas
spirit of gods descending into womb again
cosomogenic evolution hidden
in the womb
a womb-mans womb

spirit flashing across that endless plain
tiny fishlike in the womb
hairy monkey kicking
33 really got to you creatively
we got quite something
to measure our pain with
and love

ready to die heros everyone born
ready to live sugar and salt

god oozing through it all
beneath the breastbone
out through the high backbone
this winged feeling
me - this tiny protuberance
on the plain of creation
god singing inside me

2000 year old prayer

Au­humla blessed cow!
standing with your mighty four legs
at earth?s cardinal points
four giant dragons flapping their wings
sending forth winds
east west north south
your sweet rivers of milk
flowing every day
nourishing Ţmi / the earth

horned Au­humla in heaven!
send your architypal milk
into this human skull for me to drink
give me strength and faith

make us all strong and resilient

the beauty of hexagonal eyes

the fly draws a knot around the flower
fastening it peremptorily onto life

she┤s our relative really
loves the smell of a flower┤s sexual organ
as do we humans

flies wrap various things up along their air-route

only excrement and fish-recrement
should attracts you / you dark winged tiny beast
real Beauty I guess is what you eat

I greet you fat bee
truely like thee / some of my inner core
meet you in the dandelion
the keenest sunworshipper of all
see you with my millenarian dandelion eyes

love is relevant
seeing is relevant
as is the center of affection
love more than your neighbour
love it all as you love your self
plant, stone, animal
take the theory of relativity of love
to your heart

islands of Galapagos

dry Earth pulling so hard
skinny erect and vertical
as we are but
Water gurgling our 75% liquid so happily:

want to swim with giant soup-turtles
love their nonchalant sensitive eyes
their sensual cold blood
we are the same, just an illusion of form
millions of years do that to us

soup-turtles ewoke each others lust
so gently veneral illuminating
the water around and my timely
longing to hold another form
like the first sea lizard
drifting to the Galapagos
million years it took him
to yield to the form the islands demanded

million years stuck out here in the Atlantic
my Icelandic species
yielding to the will of this harsh land
radioactive with horns, tail and scales
for a reason
devouring fish
drinking sea
no escape
sputtering salt bad tempered
through a whole in the nape of the neck
fucking every season in and out
on the shore
while young sealions
bite our tails
just for fun

love and such fluids

handle with care
this illegal feeling of belonging together
it's been clinched, bungled, kneaded
through hell and back
sticking its red obstinate head up again
face in my hands
my face your face
flesh music - bone comfort

cherries are never lonlely
two and two and two and two
messangers of love

cherries are red sweet edible nipples
we look like vampires
with sweet blood running from our mouth

no fruit loves more
than cherries
red eyes of love
looking down from the tree of life
red eyes like eyes of wolfe?s yes
our nerves the tree
our hearts the cherries
two and one

handle with care
my face in your hands
my face your face
flesh music - bone comfort
to heaven and back
dragging heavens tail down with us
heavens tail on my invisible gown
embroidered with grace and belief

the trip is unlimited